Costs for home users

Fee Rai: the issue is debated between those who believe that the Article 2948 of the Civil Code, under which it will expire after five years “everything must be paid periodically to a or shorter-term” and those who believe that the fee Rai as tribute, go to the prescription after 10 years, if not otherwise provided by any standard. When in doubt, the indication is therefore to mantain recorded the documents for at least 10 years.
Rent payment receipts must be kept 5 years.
Water bills, electricity, gas, telephones: 5 years.
Rate and general expenses condominium: 5 years.

Expenditure on goods and services

Hotels and restaurants: 6 months of service.
Performance of work: invoices  and receipts of the artisans, must be retained for 3 years.
Insurance: 1 year from the maturity of the policy, unless the timeframe of the contract, five years if the receipts were used for tax purposes, for example in the case of deductions of life insurance policy.
Bank: bank transfers and payments on current account must be kept 10 years.
Car tax: 3 years from the due date, even if the vehicle was sold.
Bills: 3 years from the end.
Bank statements: 10 years to challenge the statement for errors and omissions.
School Rate or subscriptions to sports: 1 year.
Shipping and Handling Receipts: 1 year (or 18 months if the transportation begins or ends outside Europe).


Traffic Fines: the penalties for violations of the Highway Code shall be barred in 5 years commencing, as a rule, the date of notification of the minutes of finding. Beyond this term any request for payment is unfounded.

The retention time of tax documents

Tax Return: The receipts of payments of taxes and VAT are kept up to 5 years with effect from that of the upcoming statement, subject to postponement in case of a tax amnesties or pardons.
Documents for 36% and 55%: home renovation expenses giving entitlement to the deduction of income tax return must be kept until the end of the fifth year following the year in which it was deducted from the final tranche of personal income tax rebate of 36,  41 or 55 percent.
Tax credits entered on the rolls: For tax credits it’s applied the ordinary ten-year limitation period from the date of application to its payment of the folder.
Ici Bulletins: Must be kept for 5 years starting from the upcoming payment to the ICI.
Sanitation fee: The receipt must be kept until 31 December of the fourth year to the upcoming payment, although you should keep it for 10 years.